Pope Francis Says he “Didn’t Want to be Pope”

Pope Francis has revealed that he never wanted to be Pope, telling a gathering of Jesuit children from a school in the Vatican that any cardinal who wants the Catholic Church’s top job doesn’t have much respect for their wellbeing.

“Anyone who wants to be Pope doesn’t care much for themselves, God doesn’t bless them. I didn’t want to be Pope,” the Pope told the assembly after being asked a question by six-year-old Teresa, one of the group of Italian and Albanian children who had sat to listen to the Pontiff’s words.

Francis, the first Jesuit Pope several hundred years, is considered as having brought the missionary zeal associated with the branch with him to the Church’s highest office.

The Pope, who has won favour with the vast majority of Catholics around the globe for his no nonsense approach toward poverty and materialism, told the children that he had rejected the Vatican papal apartment — a decision which garnered significant media attention in the early days of the his reign – because it was too big, and that he preferred to live with other people.

“I can’t live alone. It’s not a question of my personal virtue, it’s just that I can’t live alone,” he explained to the crowd. Francis quipped that when he once asked by a professor why he can’t live alone he responded by saying it’s for “psychiatric reasons”.

The Pope made his remarks during an open question and answer session with the children after moving away from remarks he had prepared beforehand.


  1. Interesting perspective, Patrick. He’s actually an interesting Pope, with unique angles and jutty bits to his public personality. I like it. Where (online, face to face), and how, did you do your research for this piece?

    Also, I’m wondering whether I’m just not seeing the cake…


    • He’s definitely a breath of fresh air, I researched it around the net after I saw a piece on television about the story Becca, nothing spectacular!

      Also, I’m afraid the offer of cake is a rouse to draw visitors, though maybe if someone’s insistent enough one day I’ll have to send them a piece!

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